Sahara Tandav

Who we are

We met several years ago, at an event on the banks of the famous Seine River in Paris.
Coming from Morocco in Africa and India in Asia, we immediately found a connection in the
way music is traced through our local cultures and histories.
While the musical styles, notes and vibes may be different in each of our homelands,
the way rhythm and songs are knitted through the fabric of life is the same. There is a beat
under the skilled handcraft of our peoples, a melody to their walks and talks, stories are passed
down through song, marriage ceremonies erupt like festivals, and even the last moments
before burial are accompanied by touching harmonies and slow rhythms.
Sahara Tandav is our passion project. As Sahara Tandav, we organize live music
events, from fun-filled festivals to colorful concerts to passionate parties. While we specialize
in trance, psy, and techno, we embrace all genres and have built a broad network of talented
musicians to draw from for our events. Our heart is with the music and the artists we work with
and our goal is to share this passion as widely and enthusiastically as we can.
We came together through our passion for music but also through our love of life and
open-hearted outlooks; through sharing music we strive to celebrate and spread peace,
connection, and humanity that we both so deeply believe in. Music is a universal language that
we use to reach out to others and come together, no matter where they come from or what
their story is.
Our name, Sahara Tandav, was conceived to honor our cultural roots. Sahara refers to
the golden sands of the sweeping Moroccan Sahara Desert, while Tandav is the dance of
Shiva, the Hindu God.
So dance with us, sing with us, celebrate life with Sahara Tandav